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Cocos2d-x by Example, 2nd Edition

Cocos2d-x by Example, 2nd Edition

Имя: Cocos2d-x by Example, 2nd Edition
Unleash your inner creativity and learn how to build great cross-platform 2D games with the popular Cocos2d-x framework
Издательство: Pаckt Publishing
Ткомедиограф: Roger Engelbert
Год: 2015
Количество страниц: 270
Формат: PDF
Размер: 3.59 MB
Ассемблер: English

Upgraded and updated, the powerful and popular open source framework Cocos2d-x is better than ever. Through step-by-step tutorials, you'll learn how to take complete advantage of the framework. You'll learn how to add animations and special effects, implement a physics engine, optimize your games, prepare a project for multiple devices, and develop game ideas from the test version to a finished project.

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