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IADC Drilling Manual eBook Version (V.11)

IADC Drilling Manual eBook Version (V.11)
Компилятор: International Association of Drilling Contractors
Название: IADC Drilling Manual eBook Version (V.11)
Издательство: IADC
Время: 2000
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23.13mb
Язык: Английский
Для сайта: MirKnig.com

The IADC Drilling Manual is a series of reference guides for use in field operations covering a variety of subjects related to drilling operations. The contents of this (these) volume (s) are assembled by a wide range of members of the drilling industry interested in providing information to field personnel to encourage proper operations, maintenance and repair of equipment and training and safety of personnel. It is not intended that the contents of this manual replace or take precedence over manufacturer's, operators or individual drilling company recommendations, policies and/or procedures. In those areas where local, state and federal law is in conflict with the contents then it is deemed appropriate to adhere to suer laws. IADC has endeavored to insure the accuracy and reliability of this data, however, we make no warranties or guarantees in connection with these recommendations. As technology continues to develop this manual will be updated. It is important that the user continue to update their knowledge through research and study.

Бытописание: справочник по бурению от А до Z с многочисленными иллюстрациями.

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