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Mastering PyCharm + code

Mastering PyCharm + code
Названьице:Mastering PyCharm
Автор: Quazi Nafiul Islam
Издательство: PASKT
Время: 2015
Страниц: 232
Язык: English
Формат: epub+code;azw3+code
Размер: 15,3 Mb; 14,8 Mb

Use PyCharm with fluid efficiency to write idiomatic python code

If you know PyCharm but want to understand it better and leverage its more powerful but less obvious tool set, this is the book for you. Serving as a launch pad for those who want to master PyCharm and completely harness its best features, it would be helpful if you were familiar with some of Python’s most prominent tools such as virtualenv and Python’s popular docstring formats such as reStructuredText and EpyType.

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