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Nicholas Sparks — 16 books

Nicholas Sparks - 16 booksСлово: Nicholas Sparks - 16 books
Автор: Nicholas Sparks
Издательство: Warner Books
Година: 1996- 2010
Жанр: prose, Fantasy
Язык: English
Формат : pdf
Размер : 10.62 MB

A Walk To RememberIn 1958, Beaufort, North Carolina, which is located on the coast near MoreheadCity, was a place like many other small southern towns. It was the kind ofplace where the humidity rose so high in the summer that walking out to get themail made a person feel as if he needed a shower, and kids walked aroundbarefoot from April through October beneath oak trees draped in Spanish moss. People waved from their cars whenever they saw someone on the streetwhether they knew him or not, and the air smelled of pine, salt, and sea, a scentunique to the Carolinas. For many of the people there, fishing in the PamlicoSound or crabbing in the Neuse River was a way of life, and boats weremoored wherever you saw the Intracoastal Waterway.

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