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OpenCV 3 Blueprints + code

OpenCV 3 Blueprints + code
Этноним:OpenCV 3 Blueprints
Автор Joseph Howse et al
Издательство: PACKT
Год: 2015
Страниц: 382
Шлепалка: English
Формат: epub, azw3, pdf, code
Размер: 7 Mb, 8 Mb, 13 M, 276 Mb

Expand your knowledge of computer vision by building amazing projects with OpenCV 3

This book is ideal for you if you aspire to build computer vision systems that are smarter, faster, more complex, and more practical than the competition. This is an advanced book intended for those who already have some experience in setting up an OpenCV development environment and building applications with OpenCV. You should be comfortable with computer vision concepts, object-oriented programming, graphics programming, IDEs, and the command line.

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