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Solar Cells: New Approaches and Reviews

Solar Cells: New Approaches and Reviews
Компилятор: Kosyachenko L.A.
Название: Solar Cells: New Approaches and Reviews
Издательство: AvE4EvA
Год: 2015
Мера: PDF
Размер: 20.9mb
язык: английский
Для сайта: MirKnig.com

This volume is dedicated to the problems of modern photovoltaics, and provides an overview of the results of research and development of different types of solar cells.
The chapters are completed by a justification for a new solar cell structure and technology. The relations between structural, thermodynamic, and optical properties of the physical material without addressing the band theory of solids are of both theoretical and practical interest. Requirements formulated for the material are also to be used for maximally efficient conversion of solar radiation into useful work.

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