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SS Great Britain (Seaforth Historic Ships Series)

SS Great Britain (Seaforth Historic Ships Series)
Создатель: Wynford Davies
Название: SS Great Britain (Seaforth Historic Ships Series)
Издательство: Seaforth Publishing
Бадняк: 2012
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 128
Размер: 31 Mb
Язык: English

The SS Great Britain, designed by Isambard Brunel, was the first ocean-going vessel to be screw-driven and built entirely of iron. When she was launched in 1843 she was twice the size of any previous ship and her revolutionary design heralded a complete break with traditional ship construction. As is the case for many historic ships, however, there is a surprising shortage of informative and well illustrated guides, for reference during a visit or for research by enthusiasts - ship modellers, naval buffs, historians or students. This new series redresses the gap.

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