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Stylish Design in Latin America

Stylish Design in Latin America
Обозначение: Stylish Design in Latin America
Автор: by Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing (Corporate Author)
Издательство: Liao Ning Ke Xue Ji Shu Chu Ban She/Tsai Fong
Годочек: 2009
ISBN-10: 7538159126
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 76,7 mb
Страниц: 257
There are over 40 countries in Latin America. Despite the difference in geography and development level, they have experienced similar history under the effect of Indian culture. Latin America is composed of sharply contrastive countries, cloister cultures in the 16th century in Mexico or Guatemala, Marxism approach in Ecuador and Peru and Baroque of Andeans. All these are the embodiment of Latin America. Latin America, décor and architecture style range form Baroque to modern and even eclectic. Strong characteristics such as wide spaces, physical diversity, thick modeling, rich colour and sharp contrast of light and shadow mark the Latin America's style as strongly unique.

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