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The 1908 & 1914 GP Mercedes

The 1908 & 1914 GP Mercedes
Шапка:The 1908 & 1914 GP Mercedes
Автор: Anthony Bird
Издательство: Profile Publications
Серия:'Two Shillings' Profile Publications № 1
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер:27,64 mb
In-depth details of the cars and race histories
together with photographs, Artist graphic studies
and comprehensive technical specifications
Plus Grand Prix race results
A unique and invaluable reference work
Great 12 page informational book on classic cars. Filled with the history, technical specs, photos and color plates. Perfect for model makers or automotive enthusiasts/historians.
The profile series were issued during 1960 and each is a high quality authoritative history with good detail on their particular subject. They are well illustrated with black and white photographs and colour artists drawing, and each ‘Profile’ includes a full technical specification.
They consist of 12 pages including soft covers printed on high quality art paper and make up into a very collectable series to become an invaluable source of reference.

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