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The Guerrilla: And How to Fight Him

The Guerrilla: And How to Fight HimПишущий эти строки: T.N. Greene
Название: The Guerrilla: And How to Fight Him
Издательство: Frederick A. Praeger
Год: 1962
Границы: PDF
Страниц: 328
Язык: English
Размер: 34.5 MB

In the decade following the end of World War I, the Marine Corps Gazette began publishing on-the-spot reports of the "banana wars," the guerrilla combat then raging in the jungles of Latin America. By the decade after World War II, guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency warfare had established themselves as dynamic concepts that could not be disregarded in either military or political calculations, and in January, 1962, the Gazette devoted an entire issue to the subject. It was this issue of the Marine Corps' professional journal that won a letter of commendation from President Kennedy (reproduced as the frontispiece of this volume) for its "outstanding presentation of a vital subject."

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