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The Pterosaurs: From Deep Time

The Pterosaurs: From Deep Time
Названьице: The Pterosaurs: From Deep Time
Автор: David M. Unwin
Издательство: Pi Press
Годок: 2005
ISBN-10: 013146308X
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 28,66 mb
Страниц: 352
Here is the first complete portrait of the legendary flying dragons of deep time–the pterosaurs–designed for non-specialists, yet founded on the real science of these bizarre creatures. Presented lucidly and accessibly by one of the world’s leading experts, David Unwin’s book is built on a mountain of new fossil discoveries and the latest research.
About 220 millions years ago, a group of reptiles took to the Earth’s vast and open skies. No longer tethered to the ground, the earliest pterosaurs evolved into a multitude of diverse forms, spread around the globe, and ruled the skies until they went extinct along with the dinosaurs about 65 millions years ago, rarely leaving fossils as a record of their existence. What they did leave was a mystery for paleontologists to solve; an enigma so difficult to crack that it took centuries of false starts and missteps before the path to a true understanding of pterosaurs was uncovered.

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