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To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist’s History of Lunar Exploration

To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration
Пишущий эти строки:Don E. Wilhelms
Название: To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration
Издательство: University of Arizona Press.
Время: 1993
Формат: PDF
Размер: 119.04mb
язык: английский
Для сайта: MirKnig.com

The Moon, which has always ruled Earth's nights, was first viewed by telescope
in 16°9, first touched by machines in 1959, and first visited by human beings in
July 1969. It was the object of intense scrutiny for the quarter of a century
centered on that incredible visit and its five successors. It may become so again.
In the meantime it has receded into its ancient roles as raiser of the tides and
keeper of the months. Those of us who played a role in exploring it should now
write down what we remember and what we can reconstruct from the record as
a guide for the next generation of lunar explorers.

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